What is often perceived to be quite an intimidating process, creating a unique and personal engagement ring for your loved one, can become a enjoyable process with the right guidance.

Charlotte is doing her outmost to understand and translate individual personalities into that perfect engagement ring encapsulating your story.

“When creating an engagement ring the most important part for me is that it is timeless, yet modern. I strive to create something that is simplistic and sophisticated in its look with great attention to detail. It is essential, that an engagement ring manages to stand on its own, yet also compliment other pieces of jewellery, so that it can live with you through decades and trends, and be passed on through generations.” Charlotte Cort Koppel.

With a handmade and personal engagement ring, Charlotte offers a variety of options that will cater for your dreams and budget.

Wherever you are in the world, Charlotte aims to make the process as pleasant as possible, with initial meetings being either over a coffee or Skype. Every step is meant to be an enjoyable and personal experience for you, resulting in a unique and delicate piece of jewellery.

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